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About Us

MysticBluuMoonTarot was founded on two principles: Service and Quality.


I'm a practitioner of the Yoruban Faith, otherwise known as Santeria paired with powerful african witch ancestors that guide me through each and every spell item I make.  I also invoke the deities I work closely with, Eleggua (Eshu/Elegbara), Yemaya (My Guardian Orisha), Oshun (The Orisha I was born from through ceremony), and I ask for their blessings and Ashe to bless all my items. I add special ingredients in relation to the orisha I currently work with or are relevant to the type of spiritual item I am making. I put my all into everything I do so that you, my beautiful people can manifest your desires. 

My mission is to offer my wisdom, healing, and guide with the help and guidance of my spirits. I use Tarot and Oracle cards, as well as my own psychic intuition to channel messages that my customers may need to hear in order to better understand their situation. 

When you're happy, I am happy. I make it my mission to solve your problems, and provide high-quality custom made and imported items at affordable prices. 

My customers are the backbone of my business. I am dedicated to giving you the best possible messages and advice to gain clarity, understanding, and even guidance to better serve yourself and your situation.

I began my journey into intuitive reading when my gypsy ancestor spirit guided me into it. I had a strong desire to learn tarot after my twin flame separation and have been working with my gypsy ancestor spirit ever since. My readings are directly channeled through her, and the messages come from the divine itself.

I have an alter just for her so her energy is always fluid and ready whenever I call upon her.