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Using Spiritual/Conjure Oils

Conjure oils, spiritual oils, and ritual oils, are used interchangeably in my products. All of my ritual oils, conjure oils, and spiritual items are crafted artfully and intuitively to help elevate others through herbs and oils. 

Oils represent a meeting of the spiritual and the physical. They are made by extracting the essence of a plant and diluting it with a base oil to transfer the properties of those herbs. For centuries, people have been using essential oils, plants, herbs and roots for ritual works. A good Spiritual Oil uses herbs, flowers, and resins known to evoke specific properties. They are hand blended with intention to draw in the powers within them. Because oils are so potent, they are a must for anyone looking to take control of their life through the spiritual.

By applying oils onto something, we seal spiritual power and intention into it. Oils can be used on their own to purify ritual tools or bless oneself or another person for a particular purpose. They can also be used in tandem with other rituals and spells. Along with being a sealant, oils accelerate and intensify the spiritual energies at work.

When working with Spiritual Oils or any type of conjure oil, it is felt and talking to it, telling it what you want it to do, and thanking the spirits and energy within it for their assistance, personalizes and energizes it to make it focused on your specific intention. But how exactly do you apply a conjure oil in a spiritual ritual? Here are some ways you may use these wonderful and powerful oils in your spiritual practice.

Like a good Rootworker, my recipes are secret, but their potent magick is not. Use them wherever their magick can be anointed; candles, important documents, talismans, in baths etc. For external use only.

Protection Oils

Anoint the body, particularly the top of the head and the soles of the feet, before entering any situation that may involve conflict.

For protecting a residence, disperse a drop on all corners of the property and all corners of windowsills and doorframes. 

To protect the heart, anoint the chest. To protect the mind, anoint the top of the head. To protect against malevolent spirits, anoint the soles of the feet.

To protect during the night against nightmares or other nocturnal concerns, place some sea salt in a bowl, add a few drops of oil to the top, and place it under the bed.

Protection oils are also an excellent option to offer to spirits and deities who are strongly associated with protection (Erzulie Dantor, Kali, Archangel Michael, patron saints of protection, etc.)

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them. 


Love Oils

To attract love, wear as a daily ritual perfume while focusing on your intention.

Ritual oils with love profiles do not always need to be used to create energy between two people. To enhance feelings of self-love and universal love, anoint the heart chakra before meditation or before starting your day.

Love oils are also an excellent option to offer to spirits and deities who are strongly associated with the qualities of love (Erzulie Freda, Aphrodite, patron saints of love, etc.)

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them. 


Block Busters & Road Opener Oils

Use to anoint physical objects such as money, checks, documents, and other items relating to your intention or goal. Always apply oil in an outward motion to indicate something you wish to move away from you and in an inward movement to indicate what you would like to draw toward you.

Dress orange, yellow, or gold candles with the oil and burn them over a written petition containing your goal.

If the ingredients are surface safe, use in floor washes. Apply a few drops to a cloth and carefully pass over surfaces or objects. 

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them.


Lucid Dreaming & Divination Oils

Anoint the crown or third eye chakra before divination or healing work.

Anoint divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, stones, or scrying objects before use.


Money, Luck & Prosperity Oils

Use to dress green candles for money spells. 

Anoint pyrite, coins, or paper money while focusing on your intentions.

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them.

Wear as a ritual perfume during situations like job interviews or other situations related to the intention.


General Uses:

Anointing With Conjure Oils: 

Spiritual, Conjuring oils can be anointed on the body, on your altar or sacred objects such as talismans or amulets. They can be dabbed on the body, dropped into the heel of your shoe, anointed on divination and altar tools, applied on business cards or important documents or simply anointed on your favorite jewelry.

Dab some on your hand prior to meeting new people or simply apply some oil to an object or place where your target may come into contact with it. Place a few drops in your shampoo or lotion or simply burn some in a diffuser in the middle of your home. Add a drop or two to a burning charcoal. You may get creative with your desired placements and articles for adding oils.

Creating a Spiritual Wash:

Floor Washes are a great way to draw in or remove energy form your home. It’s easy to do and can drastically shift the energy within the home. Simply add a few drops to your soapy floor wash and swirl your hand in a clockwise motion to draw in or counterclockwise to get rid. 

To attract or draw energy to you, wash your floors starting at your front door going toward the back of your house. 

To rid yourself and your space of negative energy, you may want to work with a Banishing or Uncrossing Oil. Starting at the back of your house, going toward your front door to push away the undesirable. Make sure your mop stroke are pushing the energy out and away from your home.

Candle Magick:

Clean the candle on a spiritual level in order to disassociate any vibrations or attachments it may have picked up before it arrived to you. This can be done by passing it through smoke of burning sage, cleansing it with a bit of whiskey or Florida water Cologne or gently soaking it in water with just a touch of kosher salt.

To draw or attract something to you, rub oil on the candle in a upward motion starting from the middle to the top of the candle and then going from the bottom to the middle of the candle.

To have something leave or be taken away from you, rub the oil starting in the top of the candle to the middle, and then from the middle of the candle to the bottom, taking care never to rub the oil in a back and forth motion.

Charging your Spiritual Oil:

✦ Leaving a Spiritual Oil in the Full moon light will give it its most powerful effect.

✦ Bury the bottle of Spiritual Oil in the earth for several days if you desire abundance and growth.

✦ Chant your intent over the Spiritual Oil each night until the Oil is complete (of the desired strength), holding both hands over it to focus your energy and intentions directly into the Conjure Oil.