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How To Use Road Opener

How to Use Abre Camino  otherwise known as Road Opener in Spellwork and Rituals

Have you ever felt frustrated, "blocked," like you have been jinxed, things just aren’t going as smoothly, business is slow, Money isn’t coming in as it used to, or like life holds few opportunities for you? People often say that life does not close a door without opening a new door, but this open door is not always easy to see. Many people try to slog through this feeling, relying on their own energy to outlast the block, but this does not always work. When people talk about road opening, what they are talking about are possibilities and opportunities.

The roads are the pathways to all of the good things in life. Just like you cannot buy food if you cannot travel down the road to the store, you cannot have enough money if the road to prosperity is blocked for you. Using Abre Camino in ritual is a way for you to open up all of the possibilities in your life. When all roads are open to you, there is nothing stopping you from living the life you want.

Using Abre Camino in the Bath

One of the most popular ways to use Abre Camino ritual oil is as a bath herb. Some choose to use it by steeping the leaves in boiling water, and either pouring the water over themselves or adding it to a ritual bath. Some people use it in more elaborate rituals, muddling the leaves in water, praying, making offerings of rum, honey, and cigar smoke, and letting the leaves sit overnight to infuse the water before using it in a spiritual bath. If you prefer, you can also use Abre Camino/Open Road Herb Bath for the same purpose. This option may be better for people who do not have the time or means to work with the raw, fresh herb.

Taking a spiritual bath is a bit different from a regular bath. The focus here is to relax in the water, allow it to cover every inch of your body, and let its vibrations work on you and your life. For this reason, it is best to enter a spiritual bath if you are already clean -- save the soap and scrubbing for a regular bath.

After bathing, anoint yourself with Abre Camino cologne or perfume to carry the energy of the herb with you. Be sure to put it on before heading into situations that offer you new opportunities, to ensure that you are able to seize them.

Abre Camino in Your Home

It is important to take a look at your environment when you are working on a spiritual cure. Spiritual baths are helpful, but they are only part of the whole. Any time you work on yourself, you must make sure your environment is not getting in your way. One way to do this is by using floor washes to remove unwanted influences from your home.

Many plants share the same common name, particularly those used for the same purpose. Some plants called Abre Camino are endangered or difficult to find, but others work just as well for opening roads. One of these is quassia. You can steep quassia chips in boiling water, add the water to a floor wash, and mop your home from the back to the front. This will purge your space of the things that are blocking your road to prosperity. Afterward, you can use some Abre Camino cologne to spray or anoint your space to keep up that road-opening energy.

Abre Camino Amulets

One easy way to use Abre Camino is to simply carry it on you. Keep a small stick of Abre Camino in your pocket or bag when you go out in the world, to make sure no possibilities are closed to you. Hold the stick in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize the energy of Abre Camino breaking down all of the barriers to your success and prosperity. Say a few words of prayer to your road-opening deity, requesting their help in opening new possibilities to you.

Abre Camino is a very valuable herb for clearing blockages from your life. If you find yourself fighting a losing battle for the success and prosperity that you deserve, using the energy of this plant can help you open new roads to the things you desire. Use Abre Camino on yourself, cleanse your home, and carry it with you to find the new opportunities you need.